COVID-19 Rapid Test

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Product Overview

  • Results in 15 minutes for £49.99
  • Identify a current COVID-19 infection
  • Nose and throat swab sample required
  • Easy to use, self-contained kit
  • No laboratory test required
  • Each kit tests one person.Single use
  • CE-Marked and certified
  • A coronavirus antigen test with rapid results

The 365PPE COVID-19 Antigen (Ag) Rapid Test is a self-contained, sample collection device, lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the detection of COVID-19 viral antigens in human nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal (nose and throat) samples.

The 365PPE COVID-19 Antigen (Ag) Rapid Test is one of the world’s first rapid screening tests for the identification of the COVID-19 , from 14 days after initial exposure to the virus and or after the onset of symptoms.

There is no laboratory testing required, instead results are available in just 15 minutes via the portable immunoassay device

How do I understand the test results?

A total of two detection lines are possible. The control (C) line appears when the sample flows through the testing device cassette, after the buffer liquid containing the sample has been added.

Negative Result

The test result is negative if the only the quality control line (C) appears. This means no COVID-19 specific antigens have been detected.

Positive Result

The test result is positive if the quality control line (C) and the antigen detection line (T) appears.

This means COVID-19 specific antigens have been detected.

Where this is the case, the tested individual must follow the latest government guidance on quarantining and self-isolation.

If the quality control line (C) does not appear or it takes over 20 minutes for the line(s) to appear the results are invalid.

Business customers please email for bulk prices