Face shield

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Product Overview

Our reusable PPE Visor has an adjustable velcro headband and can be lifted without being removed, making them suitable for wearing for sustained periods. These shields are recommended for shop workers, hairdressers and anyone unable to maintain the advised social distance guidance for a prolonged period.
Fully reusable and adjustable, our full face visors are durable and light weight, providing comfort when wearing all day.
Face shields / visors provide an effective method to protect the wearer from airborne droplets, fluid splashes and allow those that need to, to work closer than the recommeded safe distance.
These reusable face visors are easy to see through and still allow room for the wearer to also have a 3ply face mask to increase protection.
Visors provide protection for the eyes and have been proven to reduce the amount of times the wearer touches their face, which has been seen to reduce the risk of infection.
Our visors meet the requirements set our for hairdressers and retail outlets.
One visor is supplied